Local Justice DLC Coming Soon!

Local Justice DLC Coming Soon!

By rockstarrem | 27th Jun 2012 at 16:44 GMT in Max Payne 3 | 1 Comment

The Local Justice content pack will be the first downloadable content released for Max Payne 3. The content pack includes some new maps and items:



• 55th Battalion HQ map for all game modes

• The Imperial Palace/Departure Lounge maps for Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer

• Light Fingers Item for faster looting

• M4 Assault Rifle with attachments

• São Paulo Police Faction with related avatar customization options


Release Dates / Prices:

Xbox Live: Launch week it will be .99 or 480 Microsoft points. After that, it will go to it's normal price of .99 or 640 Microsoft points.

PSN / PC - JULY 17th - Launch week it will be .99. After that, it will go to it's normal price of .99.


Also being released on July 3rd as separate DLC's is some pre-order content that came bundled with different editions of the game.



Cemetery Map: 160 MSFT Points / .99 PSN

Silent Killer Loadout Pack: 160 MSFT Points / .99 PSN

Pill Bottle Item: 80 MSFT Points / {post}.99 PSN

• Deadly Force Burst: 80 MSFT Points / {post}.99 PSN

• Classic Max Payne Character: 80 MSFT Points / {post}.99 PSN


PC players will need to wait until July 17th to get all of the above content.


If you have purchased the Rockstar Pass (or still plan on doing so), you will get all of the content in this post as well as all upcoming content being released.


What do you think of the pack? Let us know in the forums!

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Desdelian 2nd July, 2012 @ 13:02 - Permalink

Not sure if I'll buy this since the multiplayer is still barely unplayable. Constant kicks, d/cs, lags, no option to join your friend's or crewmate's game makes it a horrible expierience. And don't get me started about RPG, nade' spammers and guys with Light Loadouts and Bataclavas. You know, the people that sprint rush you and melee everyone... Jesus!


R* still needs to do lots of work on this game.

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