If you have a site that is related to Max Payne or Rockstar Games in general then you may be interested in affiliating with us.


  • Your site must be related to Max Payne and/or Rockstar Games and display one of our 88x31 banners.
  • It must receive at least 1000 unique visitors per day.
  • It must not be under construction.
  • It must not be hosted on free webspace such as Freewebs etc.

Please send us an email using our contact page, and include the following details:
Website Name:
Website URL:
Website Banner (88x31):

If we accept you as an affiliate we will reply to your email. You can then add one of our banners to your website, which you will find below.

Current Affiliates:

Payne Reactor Rockstar Network Rockstar Nexus

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Payne Killers affiliate banner

Some of our affiliates:

Rockstar Network Payne Reactor Rockstar Nexus

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