Max Payne Story

The game starts off with a cut scene of Max Payne on top of a large building with a Sniper Rifle. Then a graphic novel appears. Once everything has ended, Max Payne is inside of his home in New Jersey. The fireplace is crackling in the living room and everything seems to be right... as he starts walking he sees the Valkyr symbol on the wall (Valkyr is a drug that is commonly used by drug addicts in the game). Max Payne says "what the hell?" and keeps on walking to see whats going on. The phone is currently ringing, Max Payne picks it up and says "Listen! Someone's broken into my house. Call 911." A women replies and says "is this the Payne residence?" Max Payne replies with "Yes, someones broken into my house, they are still here, you have to --". The women cuts Max Payne off and replies with "good. I am afraid I can't help you." Max Payne replies "who is this? Hello?" Max Payne hangs up the phone. As he walks into the living room he hears some trembling upstairs. As he walks upstairs a cutscene appears where you hear a baby crying and a women screaming for help. Gunshots fire and the baby stops crying. As Max Payne walks towards the bedroom a man with a pistol appears. He says "it's coming... it's COMING!" and starts shooting Max. Max Payne shoots him. As he keeps walking another man with a gun comes. More gunshots are heard. Max Payne kills the man with the gun and runs into his babies bedroom. The baby lies dead as Max says "oh God please God no, Michelle!" Max Payne continues into his wifes bedroom. Max Payne's wife is dead and he starts screaming "NOOOOOOO!"




By now you should be able to start Max Payne with a good sense of what's going on!

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