Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

Max Payne 3 is the first game in the series to offer any sort of multiplayer whatsoever. Rockstar has gone all-out with Max Payne 3's multiplayer modes with some mind-blowing features that will keep you coming back for more.



Yeah, bullet time has been successfully implemented into multiplayer. But how, you might ask? How could Rockstar possibly add a feature such as bullet time to any sort of multiplayer mode without screwing something up? The answer is more simple than you think: when you activate the bullet-time "burst" (bursts are discussed below), time slows down for everyone that you can see, and if they can see you, it slows down for them as well. But what if someone that is affected by my bullet-time sees me, but someone else that cannot see me can see said player as well? Not a problem. Bullet-time in multiplayer daisy chains off of whoever has bullet-time enabled. If you're in bullet-time mode, whether you were the one that enabled it, or you are just affected by it, anyone you can see or if they can see you will also enter bullet-time mode. All you need to do to enter bullet time (or mooch off of another player) is to get in a close proximity of someone that enters bullet-time.



Bursts in Max Payne 3's multiplayer is similar to Call of Duty's "killstreak" rewards. After completing some sort of goal, such as killing someone, you get one step closer to activating a burst that you chose during your loadout (loadouts are discussed later). Each burst has three levels, each requiring more "adrenaline" (discussed later as well) to initate the burst. The bursts we currently know of are outlined below:

  • WEAPON DOUBLE DEALER - As shown in the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Video Part 2, reaching level three of this burst will force your enemies to drop a grenade they have on them with the pin already taken out.
  • SNEAKY - Tricks the enemy team into seeing one of your team mates as one of their own team members.
  • TRIGGER HAPPY - Instantly receive a devestating arsenal of weapons to punish your enemies.
  • BULLET-TIME - Bullet-time is discussed above.
  • PARANOIA - The first level causes the enemy team to see their allies as opponents. Level two enables friendly fire and places a fake bounty on one of their friends.
  • GROUNDED - Makes you invisible on the mini map. Level two makes your whole team invisible, and level three puts incorrect info on the enemy team's minimap.
  • SLIPPY CHARACTER - You drop a smoke grenade and have unlimited stamina for a brief time. Level two also adds a flashbang, and the stamina lasts until death. Level three gives it to your whole team.
  • BIG DOG - Level 1 boosts your health.



Maps will be playable from both Brazil and New York. More info coming soon.



"Crews" is a new feature that Max Payne 3 introduces. Have you ever wanted to make a clan (online gang) in a Rockstar game and use it across all Rockstar titles? Now you can! Playing in a crew allows players to gain more experience points. Experience points can be used to unlock more weapons and other customization options. Is a certain crew or crew member making your crew angry? You can initiate a crew feud to set everything straight.

  • You can join a "crew" from in-game or from the Social Club website.
  • Each player can join up to five different crews, whether they be private or public.
  • Public crews are allowed a total of 250 members.

More info on crews will be released once the game gets released. Be sure to join ours!



  • VENDETTAS - If someone kills you twice in a row, you can initiate a "vendetta" with them. This will paint their location on the map so you can hunt them down and kill them. This should reduce a lot of the camping you see in modern multiplayer gaming.
  • ADRENALINE - To gain adrenaline, you either need to kill someone, give damage to someone, or loot someones body... or all of the above.
  • LOADOUTS - Loadouts are custom classes that you can create. You can choose what weapons, bursts, and other customization options that are available to you in-game.


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