Max Payne 3 Contest

Max Payne 3 Contest


PayneKillers presents a Max Payne 3 contest!

We're holding a contest here on the forums for your chance to win a copy of Max Payne 3! Here's how it looks:

  • For every post you make with good information/questions/discussion (examples below), you get one point in the contest.
  • For every Tweet/Facebook post that you link to us with the hashtag #MaxPayne3 you receive an additional half point in the contest. To prevent spamming, we will only count one post per 24 hours.


We don't want people to end up spamming our forums in order to get ahead in the contest, so only quality posts (as judged by the staff) will count towards your total. Below are a few example of good posts:

What do you think about the shoot-dodging mechanism in Max Payne 3? How does it compare to the other games in the series?

I actually quite like it, seeing as the updated technology could have quite possibly made it even better than the last one (well, it probably did). What do you guys think?

I was thinking, what if Max Payne 3 had a freeroam system... I mean, the Red Dead series didn't have free-roam until Red Dead Redemption, what if this is a turning point for the series? If we remember from Red Dead Redemption, the bullet-time like feature called "Dead-Eye" was used in free-roam as well to kill animals and humans. Could this be a possibility for Max Payne 3?

And some examples of bad posts:


I agree with you, yeah.

Got it? Good.



There are two prizes in the contest, awarded to the two people who attain the most points.

  • Winner: Will receive the Max Payne 3 Special Edition for the platform of their choice. 
  • Runner-up: Will receive the standard edition of Max Payne 3 for the platform of their choice.

Submitting Points

1. Don't worry about forum posts. We'll count those for you.

2. For your tweets and Facebook posts, send the link(s) in a personal message on the forum to rockstarrem.


The contest starts today, Wednesday 11th April, 2012, and will run until 23:59:59 on Friday May 11th, 2012 - so get posting/tweeting/Facebooking now!

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