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Max Payne, one of the best games ever developed, comes packed with many features. In fact, one of those features is part of the name of this website! Read on...

This is one of the most notable features in the game; bullet time. Bullet time makes you move slow, while your enemies are moving slow as well. Bullets come out of the gun slow, it snows slow - everything happens slower and more accurate. The feature has to be one of the coolest features any game could have. Here's an example of Bullet Time:

Heh... yeah. Pain Killers = Payne Killers... get it? Anyway, Max uses painkillers to get through the game. Once he loses health you can have him take some painkillers. Max can store 8 painkillers for use, and can take them all at once dependent on his health. Painkillers are one of the biggest parts of the game.

Ahh, one of my favorite parts of the game. The engine Max Payne has really has a great way of showing off snow! Since the game takes place in a severe blizzard in New York City, the game must show that! And it does! Here's a video you can play that shows how it snows in the game:

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